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Finnur Oddsson

Finnur Oddsson was appointed CEO of Nýherji in 2013. He previously served as the Managing Director of the Iceland Chamber of Commerce for five years.

Mr. Oddsson holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Iceland, an M.A. and a Ph.D. in psychology from West Virginia University, and an AMP in business administration from IESE in Spain.

Mr. Oddsson was an assistant professor at Reykjavik University for several years, where he directed the development of the University’s MBA program and the School of Executive Education. Previously he worked as a consultant for Aubrey Daniels International.


Dröfn Guðmundsdóttir

Dröfn Gudmundsdóttir is Nýherji's Chief Human Resources Officer. Ms. Gudmundsdóttir, who joined the company in 2013, has extensive experience in human resource management.

In 2003-2007, she worked as Education Administrator for the Reykjavík public preschool system and as Human Resource Manager for the Reykjavík Department of Education. From 2007 to 2009, she worked as a Human Resource Consultant for Straumur Investment Bank, as a Training Manager for Arion Bank in 2009-2011 and in 2012-2013 as a Human Resource Manager at the Icelandic Financial Supervisory Authority.

Ms. Gudmundsdóttir holds a B.A. in psychology from the University of Iceland and pursued post-graduate studies in psychology at the University of Giessen in Germany with focus on work and organizational psychology.


Emil G. Einarsson

Emil Einarsson is the Managing Director of Business Development and Service Management at Nýherji, providing equipment and technical services to corporate customers.

Mr. Einarsson worked as a Systems Analyst from 1985 to 1992, helping to design and implement new service solutions for Icelandic banks. He was a Sales Advisor for IBM Iceland for larger IBM host computers. When Nýherji was founded in 1992, he became Sales Advisor and Team Leader, until 1995 when he became Chief Sales Manager for all IBM computers. In 2005, Mr. Einarsson became Head of Sales and in 2011-2014, he worked as the Managing Director of Nýherji‘s Product Division.


Gunnar Zoëga

Gunnar Zoëga is the Managing Director of Nýherji’s Solutions and Services.

Mr. Zoëga joined TM Software in 2003 and has since held various positions at Skyggnir and later Nýherji, most recently as the head of Support and Managing Director of the Technical Department.

He holds a B.Sc. in Business and Computer Science from the University of South Carolina and a B.Sc. in Systems Analysis from Reykjavik University.


Gunnar Már Petersen

Gunnar Már Petersen was appointed CFO of Nýherji in January 2013. Gunnar holds a B.Sc. in Finance the University of Iceland and an M.Sc. in Economics from Reykjavík University. He is a licensed stock broker and holds an ACI Dealing Certificate.

Mr. Petersen was the CFO of Icelandic Express in 2011-2012 and the CFO of Landic Property Ltd. in 2006-2010. Prior to that, he worked as a Client Executive for HSH Nordbank AG in Copenhagen and a specalist for Icebank Ltd. and VBS Investment Bank.


Ingimar G. Bjarnason

Ingimar G. Bjarnason is the Managing Director of Applicon Ltd., a Nýherji subsidiary which provides business software solutions. Mr. Bjarnason worked at Nýherji‘s Software Department from 1998 and later at Applicon, serving as the Managing Director for Applicon Solutions Ltd. in the UK from 2006.

Mr. Bjarnason holds a B.Sc. in industrial and mechanical engineering and an MBA from IESE in Spain.


Ágúst Einarsson

Ágúst Einarsson is the CEO of Tempo. He has worked for TM Software since 2003 and became manager of the company in early 2007. Before that, he managed TrackWell Software, Skyggnir, SAP and the IBM department at Nýherji.

Mr. Einarsson holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Aalborg University.


Hákon Sigurhansson

Hákon Sigurhansson is the Managing Director of TM Software. He has worked for TM Software since the beginning of 2008, first serving as a manager of EMR health solutions and later as the head of the Health Solutions department of TM Software. Prior to that he worked as a private consultant, managed Trackwell Software sales and development and later the company´s department of development. Previously, he managed information technology at the Ministry of Justice.

Mr. Sigurhansson holds an MBA from ESCP buisness school in Paris and an MSc in Electronics Engineering from Aalborg University in Denmark.


Þorvaldur Þorláksson

Thorvaldur Thorláksson is the Managing Director of the Wholesale Distribution Division at Nýherji. He was previously Head of Solutions and Services, he has a broad range of experience in the Icelandic corporate world and led the development and operation of the O2 Innovation Center for the Icelandic Chamber of Commerce.

In 2007-2009, Mr. Thorláksson served as the Director of SMI Iceland, international real estate management firm. In 2003-2007, he was the Director of Bónusvídeó Ltd. media distribution business. In 2000-2003, he was the Marketing Director and Deputy Manager of Smáralind, Iceland‘s largest shopping precinct.

Mr. Thorláksson holds a B.Sc. in Management Studies from the University of Bifröst.


Tomas Wikström

Tomas Wikström has been CEO of Applicon in Sweden since 2012. He joined the company in 2000 and has worked in many roles since then, including CFO. Wikström is an experienced programmer and has also worked as a project manager in the financial sector.

Mr. Wikström holds an MSc in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University.



Nýherji hf. is a service company in information technology as well as the parent company of the group. The goal of the Nýherji team is to provide outstanding service and expertise for its clients.

The revenue of the company amounted to ISK 10,200 million, an increase of more than 9% between years, and profits were in line with projections.

The range of solutions provided by Nýherji is wide and covers most areas of information technology that aim at satisfying the needs of its clients. The solutions consist of those developed by the company itself as well as the adjustment of solutions from strong collaborating companies. Demand was good for the entire range of solutions offered by Nýherji throughout the year.

Nýherji has increasingly offered advice on software licences and software solutions for managers of marketing, safety and quality control. Demand for such solutions is brisk, including for Tealeaf and QRadar from IBM and Focal Quality Control. Sales of software, equipment and service contracts for ATMs were also strong. The increased emphasis on software solutions led to Nýherji being selected as the partner of the year by Microsoft for the first time.

“Nýherji moved its data storage service to the Verne Global data centre. This move helped attract new business, both from domestic and foreign clients.”

Safe operations and efficiency have priority

In recent years, great emphasis has been placed upon further strengthening the service structure of Nýherji, with substantial investments in work processes, quality control and the service culture. In addition, investments have been made in new centralised operating infrastructure that is housed in the Verne Global data centre at Reykjanes. A large number of Nýherji’s clients now enjoy operational security and efficiency previously unknown in the Icelandic information technology environment.

Nýherji is therefore well placed to respond to increased interest from Icelandic companies and institutions looking to outsource parts of their operation, such as in the financial sector, where strict demands are made for security.
Gunnar Zoëga, Manager of Solutions and Services at Nýherji
“Increased emphasis on software solutions led to the selection of Nýherji as a Microsoft partner for the first time.”

Nýherji took over the operation of the information technology systems of Arion banki at the end of the fourth quarter, consisting of all the centralised infrastructure and systems, the core technology as well as the general technical on-site support services for the bank. As a result, more than twenty experts were transferred from Arion banki to Nýherji. Financial firms are currently looking for ways to streamline their operations, partly through outsourcing. Nýherji is in a good position to provide such services in an efficient and secure manner.

Sales of Lenovo PCs were brisk, as were sound and visual solutions for business and personal use during the year. Sales of Bose sound solutions also increased considerably.

The operations of Nýherji have been stable for the past three years, as the firm’s equity position has significantly strengthened. Despite a challenging operating environment ahead, in part because of contractual pay increases, we expect that the basic operation of the consolidated group will continue to be stable.

The operating prospects of the parent company of Nýherji are good.



Applicon is a Nordic consulting and service company with emphasis on software business solutions. Applicon places emphasis on sectors that use solutions from SAP, Calypso and Advent, along with our own software.

There are two Applicon companies, Applicon ehf. of Iceland and Applicon AB of Sweden. Great emphasis is being placed on co-operation between the companies in the development, sales and services of solutions for the Nordic market, in addition to co-operating closely with other companies within the group.

Applicon of Iceland

Applicon of Iceland specialises in consulting, services and development of business software. Revenue amounted to ISK 1,119 million, a similar result as in the previous year. Profits were well below expectations, primarily because of considerable investments in the development of human resource and pay software. At the same time, substantial launches of projects for new clients turned out to be costlier than anticipated, and the resulting revenue was delayed.

The projects and launchings of SAP HANA were successful, especially for the bank systems of Landshypotek and SBAB. Applicon is currently a leader in the Nordic countries in expertise of SAP HANA.

Applicon ehf. participated in several extensive sales projects both in Iceland and Sweden, and revenue from sales and consulting resulting therefrom will begin to come in in the early months of 2017.

In recent years, Applicon has been engaged in sizeable and costly development of new solutions, which at present are fully completed. As a result, such investments will decline in 2017, and at the same time, it is expected that subscription revenue from sales of software solutions will steadily increase.
Ingimar G. Bjarnason, Manager of Applicon of Iceland

Revenue is projected to increase moderately over the next several years, with profits improving markedly compared to last year.

Prospects in Sweden are good

The operations of Applicon AB í Sweden did well, and revenue as well as profits were on schedule. Revenue amounted to SEK 91 million, an increase of almost a quarter between years.

The core banking solutions from SAP and associated solutions from Applicon ehf. have been well received by Swedish financial firms. In addition to extensive services and projects for Landshypotek bank, a milestone agreement was reached last September on the sale and installation of a core bank system for SBAB Bank AB. Applicon will oversee the installation of the systems for the bank and link them to other systems as well as to the Swedish interbank payment system. This is a three-year project and will further buttress the operations built by Applicon in recent years as a leader in the installation, consulting and operation of international core banking solutions.

“Revenue amounted to SEK 91 million, an increase of nearly a quarter from the previous year.”

Following installation, Applicon AB will operate the software of the systems for SBAB and oversee the operation of the core banking system for two of the ten largest banks of Sweden, SBAB Bank and Landshypotek Bank. In addition, Applicon will provide clients with consulting and services in two other areas, i.e. Capital Markets and Leasing & Finance.

The principal reason for the good results of the company last year was a better utilisation of expert billed hours, a higher hourly rate and increased demand for expertise. We are now in a good position to support more Nordic banks in the installation of core banking solution that fulfil modern requirements at a time when many of them are thinking of replacing older and less effective banking systems.
Tomas Wikström, Manager of Applicon in Sweden

Prospects in all areas are good.

TM Software

TM Software specialises in the production of its own software products and tailor-made solutions along with providing associated services and consulting.

Last year, thirty years have passed since the founding of Tölvumyndir, the forerunner of today’s TM Software. The company has grown and changed over these thirty years, and throughout, it has been a leader in software development in its area. Today, the company is working on the development of solutions for many of the largest businesses and institutions in the country. Amongst these are solutions for aviation and travel services, service websites for businesses and institutions, sales websites, charity websites as well as healthcare solutions in use by nearly all healthcare workers in the country.

The operations of the company did well, with revenue amounting to ISK 1,163 million, a 20% increase over the previous year. Profits for the year were good and exceeded projections.

TM Software introduced a new organisational chart at the beginning of the year that led to improved synergy between divisions and increased support for product development and innovation in the company’s main areas, such as healthcare, travel services and service websites.

One of the goals of increasing emphasis on innovation and product development is to increase the weight of product sales in the revenue of the company. For this purpose, it held a software design competition for the travel industry under the name of Travel Hackathon and regularly holds innovation days amongst the staff.

“The operations of the company are doing well, and revenue amounted to ISK 1,163 million, a 20% increase on the previous year.”
„The number of employees increased substantially in the course of the year in line with increased activity and demand for services.“
Hákon Sigurhansson, Manager of TM Software

Prospects for TM Software are good.


The Tempo Software Company is developing time registration and project management systems for the JIRA System of Atlassian.

Tempo is developing solutions for time registration, project planning and project management sold on a subscription basis (SaaS) to nearly 10,000 clients in more than 100 countries. Revenue was close to USD 13 million and increased by 40% between years.

In spite of good profits, the strengthening of the ISK exchange rate had an adverse impact on operations. All revenue is in US dollars, whereas costs are in Icelandic krónur. The emphasis was therefore upon strengthening operations of Tempo abroad with the opening of an office in San Francisco and increasing the staff in Montreal. The company now has 95 employees, of which 20 are in Montreal and San Francisco.

A further increase in operations abroad are projected, particularly in Montreal, where the operational environment for software companies is quite favourable for software companies emphasising product development and innovation.
Ágúst Einarsson, Manager of Tempo

In 2016, investments were made in the development of cloud computing infrastructure, which over the long term, will enable Tempo to offer solutions in new market areas and new sales platforms.

“40% revenue increase and increasing operations in Montreal characterised the year 2016.”

Last year, Nýherji hf. hired AGC Partners LLC as consultant in the preparation and possible sale of Tempo ehf. Further decisions on whether a sale takes place, when or how have not been taken at this time.

Strong growth of Tempo revenue is expected to continue.